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Looks like a wonderful day! I have a question though. Have you finished writing his birth story? Last I remember he was going to the hospital, and I'm still wondering what happened! :) Very happy to see that whatever did happen has turned out all right, he is a gorgeous boy!


No Katie, I haven't! I've started a few times but realized I couldn't write it until I had come to terms with it all. And that still hasn't happened. It has a happy ending though, obviously!


Wow. These flowers are stunning!
Thank you for posting Amy!


These photos are stunning! Are the higanbana and other flowers naturally occurring, or is the park more of a garden that is maintained to keep other plants from taking over? I've tried to read about it, but Google translate is not doing a very good job. :( Thank you for creating such an interesting and fun blog - I always look forward to your updates!


Thanks Joannna!

Erika, I wondered the same thing and couldn't find out online. Normally higanbana are naturally occurring and you see little patches of them here and there, but I think Kinchakuda is planted because in places you could see obvious rows. The other flowers are for sure planted and maintained.

Tia G

How BEAUTIFUL are the red flowers. The sea of red is right! And little Shuma... what a cutie!

Rhonda Jewell

Beautiful! thank you


Shuma kun is super Cute. Lucky you guys .


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